Doing business in Africa? Simplify your cross-border logistics with Jetstream Africa

Jetstream’s mission is to enable people doing business in the fastest-growing economies in the world to see and control their cross-border supply chains.

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Tech-Driven Speed and Visibility

Digitization Integration

Technology is the bare minimum for modern global trade. Jetstream’s digital tools for freight forwarders and supply chain professionals deliver the speed and visibility only possible with a technology platform that integrates with key actors in your chain.

Welcome to the digital control tower for your cross-border supply chain

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Solutions designed with your logistics business in focus.

Our solutions inject working capital into the supply chains you manage,
and open up end-to-end visibility for your clients and business partners.


Pay any port vendor at any time from your computer or mobile device.

Trade Finance

Pre-finance logistics fees,  customs duties and cargo costs with competitive interest rates and rapid approval.

Invoicing Coming Soon

Digitize your accounts receivable, collect payment quickly and track overdue amounts automatically.

Visibility Coming Soon

Get a bird eye’s view on your supply chain. Tracking, documentation, workflow and everything in between.

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